Good News!

Good News for Liberal Democracy

How YOU can make a difference

The Church of Good News for Liberal Democracy is funded entirely by donations from right-thinking Liberal Democrats such as yourself. If you aren't donating, you are a free rider - isn't it time you stopped living in shame, hiding in the shadows? Click the donate button and get on the bus with your zealot brethren right now.

Many mainstream churches tithe as much as 10% of pre-tax earnings. In our church, contribution is entirely voluntary and at the discretion of the individual member - but that doesn't mean you should donate less than 10% of your pre-tax earnings, it just means that when you do it, it is of your own free will and not because your leader commands it.

Good luck. Be happy. Bless you.

My name is Thomas Edward Topham, and I am the charismatic leader of this movement. Now hiring.
Check out the freak power cult leader resume / CV of Thomas Edward Topham here.