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Your leader Dr. Thomas Edward TophamMission Statement

Executive Summary: Good News!

Full text: Liberal Democracy is not dead yet, not dead until I say so - that's what makes my personal survival, and the expansion of the cult, so crucial. Hunter S. Thompson gave up too soon, there is still a chance, an excellent chance. High water mark? He had no idea what he was talking about, and obviously never made the effort to find out all the good news about Liberal Democracy.

Franz Kafka is still alive, chained up in my crawlspace. Stanislaw Witkiewicz died for the sins of the twentieth century, so you don't have to. Facism and Communism lost, and Liberal Democracy can still win.

Moratorium on suicides - eternal life through text, drugs, and pornography. Ethnic cleansing no longer fashionable - watch this space for details.

The volume of good news I have for you is potentially infinite.

Don't be frightened, friend, you are safe here. There is absolutely nothing you need to be ashamed of, and I love you unconditionally.

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My name is Thomas Edward Topham, and I am the charismatic leader of this movement. Now hiring.
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